Custom On-Site Training

We offer custom on-site training course development for your internal training needs.

How it Works

In the beginning we have a consultation with you to clearly define what your goals and needs are. As part of this we determine learning objectives with you which you require your employees to master. Training materials around these are then developed on our internal rapid-training development platform, Edge, and we then make those materials available through our internal learning portal to your employees. The resulting course can then be given in person at your site by one of our instructors or one of your own personnel if desired.

What can be Included?

We offer the following features in the resulting training package we deliver to you:

  • Professional quality presentation-style training videos
  • Course notes going deeper in detail for each module (optionally these can be made available as an aggregate printed course manual)
  • Access to our online learning portal with Question and Answer style interaction
  • An optional evaluation assessment at the end of the course which employees can take to assess the level of knowledge attained and confirm key learning objectives understood

We’re excited to be able to offer custom course development using our rapid prototyping in-house training development tools so please do get in touch if this is of interest.

Obtain Further Information

Further details can be obtained by emailing us through our contact form to see how we can up-skill your workforce in close partnership.