Reusing a private SSH key on another Mac

I recently had to access a Git repo which was hosted on Bitbucket on another workstation. Rather than create a new private SSH key, I did the following instead: Create the ~/.ssh directory (it's not there by default on a Mac so don't worry!) Transfer the SSH key to the other machine (I emailed it which is fine) Copy the SSH key to the directory and set the permissions Register the key to the SSH...
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Using file system check to fix a Mac that is stuck booting up

I have an old Macbook Pro which I hadn't used for a while (at least a few years), and it just wouldn't start up correctly. i.e. it kept "hanging" on the main Apple loading screen (where you see the apple logo and the progress bar as it loads the operating system). I tried a few things but nothing seemed to work, except for holding down CMD+S after hearing the startup chime on powering up. Doing...
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